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    Jacobus Burger

      Good day peers

      Can someone inform me if there is a procedure to extend the time period for completing a Learnership. Is it limited to 1 year or until it is completed?

      The reason I am asking is that here at Action we cater to blind and disabled learners. Most of which that have learning disabilities. It is very difficult to complete a 1 year course with a learner that take twice the time to achieve those skills transferred from the facilitator.

      Is there a way or a accepted expiration date on a Learnership.


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      Hi Jacobus
      Thank you for posting this question. I will share it so that others can reply.

      My experience is that although there is a completion date for the Learnership you may apply to the SETA for an extension.

      Jacobus Burger

        Thank you.

        We struggle to meet the set deadlines as some learners do take longer to understand some concepts.

        I appreciate the feedback.

        Do I speak with my SETA rep or do I need to contact someone specific?


        Hi Jacobus,
        Yes, I understand about not meeting the 1 year. In my experience, it should be seen as an advisory time-frame, depending upon the circumstances – such as your environment.

        I have a lot of experience in manufacturing, and I have often raised the point that the people setting these timeframes may be experts in theories of learning, but they do not take into account the workplace realities. In manufacturing, depending upon what your product is, there will be peak manufacturing times and slow times – like ice cream in summer, but it’s very slow in winter. So in the peak time – whatever it is, people working extra shifts and overtime are simply not able to proceed with the learning.

        In reply to your question, all the SETAs are different, but usually there is a person in the SETA, who is the project manager of Learnerships – or specific Learnerships.

        Jacobus Burger

          That does make sense.

          We need to accommodate learners with a lower mental capacity. These are great people, so willing and motivated. But I cannot force them to work at an able persons speed. Even just the blind students, as all the material is printed. We need to use OCR software and screen readers to assist them. This all takes time.

          As long as I can give my students a fair chance, Action4 will do whatever it takes to pass our students.

          Thanks again.

        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 8 total)
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