By Khulaphis, 1 February, 2023

Good Evening Colleagues,

I am available for freelance roles. I am registered as a constituent Assessor with Services Seta, ETDP Seta, MICT Seta and Local Government Seta.
I have Facilitated assessed the following amongst others;
- New Venture Creation level 2 & 4;
- Business administration services level 2, 3 & 4;
- Generic management level 4 & 5
- Business Advising Operations Level 6

I am awaiting Sasseta, Inseta constituent registrations.

I also welcome partnering for accreditation with aspiring private providers.

in addition, I am involved in the SMME development through provision of an innovative financial products to promote access to funding and accelleratoion of SMME grow.

For partnership, I maybe contacted at [email protected] or cellphone 061 764 8770.


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