Excel spreadhsheet creates training schedule just on credits

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    Pierre Wepener

    Excel spreadsheet calculates courses based on the credit value The only thing that you need to do is add the NQF Level and credits – it will do the rest!

    You can add a multitude of courses and it will calculate a sequential course flow. The schedule is based on the requirements set by the QCTO for a formal programme structure and assessment. It includes and reflect the following learning components/ elements within the training schedule:

    1. Contact Learning in Hours/ (Face to Face Learning)
    1.1. Admin – Administrative Time
    1.2. Classroom Learning Time (Face to Face Learning)
    1.3. Workbook Activities and Formative Assessments
    1.4. Tea Breaks
    1.5. Lunch Breaks
    1.6. Body Breaks
    1.7. Total Training Hours per day
    2. Work- Based Learning in Hours
    2.1. Administrative periods
    2.2. Practical Learning/ Workplace learning and Assignments Time.
    2.3. Self-Study/ Independent Research Time
    2.4. Tea Breaks
    2.5. Lunch Breaks
    2.6. Body Breaks
    2.7. Total Hours per day
    3. Summative Assessment Time
    3.1. Portfolio of Evidence Building Time
    3.2. Knowledge Questionnaire Time
    3.3. Practical Demonstration/ Observation Time
    3.4. Portfolios of Evidence Building Time
    3.5. Total Hours per day
    4. Contact Learning Calendar including Public Holidays.
    5. Work Integrated Learning Calendar.
    6. Summative Assessment Calendar.
    7. Public Holidays are accounted for and worked into the calendar.

    We all do whatever we can to cope with impact of COVID-19 and I will truly appreciate your support! I sell the spreadsheet for R360 and you can view samples, pay and download it directly from my website at: https://m3i.co.za/product-category/powerpoint-presentation-shop/

    Whatsapp me at 0825567467 or email pierre@m3i.co.za should you have questions or challenges 🙂

    Also various other learning support tools such as a brand new Powerpoint presentation explaining the entire SD Regulatory Framework since 1995 until 2021.

    Thank you so much guys!

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    Lynel Farrell

    Thank you Pierre, this looks extremely interesting – WOW! I would love to test this, and see how it works. Now, this is something that I have never seen – all I can say is WOW.

    Pierre Wepener

    Hi Lynel coming through you it is a great compliment, thank you!

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