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    Saleam Essop

    Greetings everyone. I did inform Sylvia that one of these days I would be posting this and this happens to be…one of these days.

    We at inschool, have built a system which converts the smartphone into a virtual classroom. An ePlatform that goes beyond the standard model and really provides you, in the training field a complete eTeaching, eLearning and eTest solution. Read further…

    The inSchool ePlatform, A short technical brief.

    What have we built?

    An ePlatform base for anyone to quickly and easily build or construct lessons and share these with learners or students enrolled with you.

    Access by students, to these lessons, in accordance with your rules.

    An ePlatform which is unique to you, as are your tutors, courses, classrooms and students. You have full control complete with the ability to create tests and assessments which can be written in a controlled or uncontrolled environment.

    We do this with ease and simplicity in mind and deliver high-quality classroom environment lessons at low data rates.

    Who builds the Lessons?

    You and your team do. We provide the technical platform and you build your own lessons and deliver them to your own students. You have complete control over the structure and content.

    The inSchool set of applications that form the ePlatform consists of three app components. eLearning, eTeaching and eAssessments

    Inschool Student ( eLearning )

    The Student app converts the smartphone into a learning tool with a huge difference compared to what is currently available. Lessons are prepared by teachers, tutors and those qualified in their respective fields. Not just lesson information but an actual lesson with audio, images and chalkboard writing. The coursework or lessons are not limited to just school level but can be made available for just about any subject matter in any field especially SETA related courses.

    Inschool Tutor ( eTeaching )

    We have made both the lesson creation process and lesson delivery process easy by creating 2 separate apps. One for the tutor and one for the student. Tutors create lessons using the inSchool Tutor app. No special skill is required as all the necessary tools are provided within the app for the teacher to build content.

    Inschool Studio ( eTesting and ePortfolio )

    No learning is complete without testing and assessment. Inschool studio allows a teacher to build tests which students may complete on their devices. A complete ePortfolio of the students learning history is maintained.

    Whom does this app benefit?

    Any institution involved in education and training can benefit from this app by providing lessons and coursework for its students and trainees. Even teachers can benefit by accessing lessons which train them on how to teach. This has the benefit of simplifying the knowledge transfer process and expanding the institutions reach. An example would be Schools, Universities, Private and public colleges, SETAs and their various affiliates, and training centres of any nature. Their trainees can access the course material directly on their devices. This is not your normal online document library. The is real eTeaching.

    Some key benefits.

    From the students perspective, they receive a classsroom-like lesson, streamed to them with high definition human writing, images and voice and animations.
    From the tutors perspective, we provide an easy to use interface with all the tools necessary to build and create lessons anywhere.
    Create tests and have your examiners mark them online wherever they are.

    Reach the rural student easily as well as bring hope and training to those with disabilities.

    The best news is that our system consumes 80% LESS DATA than regular video streams.

    Contact us and lets become partners in deploying this technology. or 084 808 2222

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