Environmental Awareness - something close to my heart

By tassschwab, 16 November, 2015

A number of small businesses have realized the value of training their staff in environmental awareness. However often cannot afford a full qualification. Because this is a topic close to my heart I am running a massive price drop and this is where the prices will stay.

I have National Certificate Environmental Practice 49605 for sale. It is suitable for workers with environmental functions in a range of industries such as mining, chemicals or manufacturing. The following are typical contexts in which this qualification can be assessed:

  • Waste management related activities, eg 
    > Materials recovery and buy-back centres 
    > Waste reception 
    > Landfill operations
  • Water course cleaning, care and maintenance
  • Care of public places, open areas, cultural and natural heritage sites
  • Maintenance of parks and sports fields
  • Community projects and job creation schemes relating to environmental practice
  • General industrial, extraction, ie activities with an environmental care or improvement focus 

I will give you Level 1 for free if you purchase this. I have many other qualifications that give me a good turn over so I can really afford to do this. I cannot begin to stress how important it is to train people on the impact of this type of training. Level 1's Rational states it clearly -

South Africa has a need to manage and protect its natural resources and ecological systems, while simultaneously using its resources in a sustainable manner to promote social, physical and economic development.

People as individuals, and as members of social or workplace communities, need to become aware of their responsibilities towards the environment and to be empowered to make informed choices regarding their own activities and the impact that these activities have on the environment. There is also a need for people to develop practices which will ensure that their activities, individually and collectively, result in the sustainable use of resources and minimal negative impact on the environment.

Recent developments in environmental legislation have resulted in an increased demand for practitioners with the necessary skills, knowledge and values to fulfil these legislative requirements.

Such practitioners - as learners, as workers and as members of social communities - need to be equipped to engage with the complexities and challenges which arise from this need to ensure that use of resources and development is socially, ecologically and economically sustainable.

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