Employment Equity Plans

By seanbowes, 23 June, 2010

We had a CC with approximately 300 employees.  We have submitted our annual EE Plans according to regulations.  However, since November 2009, we have established two new companies (Pty Ltd), which will eventually take over the business from the CC as the CC will phase out in about a year.  All our employees are paid from the two companies and not the CC anymore, which implies that the CC has no more employees.


My question is, how will this affect my submission of the EE plan, considering the following:


a.       The CC  has no more employees, but still exits.

b.      One of the companies has about 250 employees, and the other company has about 50 employees.


Must I submit an EE Plan for the CC?

Must I inform the Department of Labour of the above?


Kind regards



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