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    Keneilwe Mokoena

    Dear Colleagues,

    I am Keneilwe Mokoena, HR Learning & Development Administrator with DHL Supply Chain SA for 5 years. I am in a process of ensuring that all our sites participates in the equity committee adequately with all race, gender and occupational levels represented.
    Can anyone advise of the maximum number of member’s a committee should hold, and to also assist in guidance of professional approach in writing of eliminating nominated employees from the committee when the forum is too Crowded. Thank you

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    Menet Hamel

    Dear Keneilwe,

    You ask a very relevant and popular question regarding the establishment of EE Committees.

    In s13 of the EEA it states that every employer must consult with its employees as required by s16. In s16 it talks about nominated representatives of employees and in s16(2) it provides a list of who these nominated representatives (or committee members) should be.

    There is no minimum or maximum number of employees who must be part of the committee as the number depends on who they people are you have working for you.

    If you have employees in all 6 occupational levels then you must have 1 representative from each of the occupational levels.

    If you employee African, Indian, Coloured and White people you must have a representative from each race group. Also important to note that you must have an African Male and African Female (if you have these employees working for you) as well as an Indian Male and Indian Female, etc. So the specific race & gender combination group must be represented.

    Also ensure that you look at whether you have a committee member from all the office locations, or departments or regions where the employees are based who need to be represented.

    Ultimately, the size of your committee depends on (1) who are the people who work for your organisation in terms of race, gender and occupational level (2) location of your operations and (3) shift work if applicable as both day and night shift staff need to be represented.

    I hope this is of some help. Please do not hesitate to call me on 071 527 9444 should you have any other questions.

    Kind regards
    Menet Hamel
    Global Business Solutions


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    sylvia hammond

    Thanks Keneilwe for a really good question and thanks Menet for offering a comprehensive reply.

    In my experience working in multi-shift operations, this is the most challenging part.

    The same organisation can have a range of different shifts for different production areas, for example.

    So it is not only of have sufficient trained people so that each shift is represented – but also to coordinate the meetings to cover shifts, and communication and feedback between shifts.

    I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has worked with this situation – and how they coped – is there a system we can copy? We can call the system by your name 🙂

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    Keneilwe Mokoena

    Morning all,

    Thank you Menet & Sylvia, for your inputs, very helpful indeed.

    Thank you

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