e-Tolls court grants urgent interdict & halts implementation

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    sylvia hammond

    Further update – court grants urgent interdict – collecting e-tolls and following up on defaulters will cost more than it brings in – department to study judgement – see comment below

    Scrap the e-tolls!

    At a special meeting on 23-25 April 2012, the Central Executive Committee of the Congress of South African Trade Unions discussed the way forward in the ongoing campaign against e-tolling, labour brokers and labour law amendments which could cripple trade union rights. They all represent major attacks on workers’ rights, living standards and quality of life.

    The campaigns will continue as planned, except for the general strike planned for 30th April 2012 which has been postponed until the second week of May. This is to give time to assess the outcome of the meeting of the COSARU and ANC leadership which will take place n 26 April 2012, the legal action being taken by OUTA against SANRAL, and any future legal action that COSATU or others may take.

    Other mass action will however continue as planned, including today’s march to the Department of Transport in Tshwane a blockade of the e-tolled highways on 30 April 2012.

    In addition the May Day activities, details of which have been circulated, will also focus on these key campaigns.

    Patrick Craven (National Spokesperson)

    Congress of South African Trade Unions

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    Hope they do really rip it off and sell it for scrap metal…

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    sylvia hammond

    The Department of Transport says it has noted the judgment handed down by the North Gauteng High Court regarding the implementation of e-tolling on the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project road network.

    On Saturday, (28 April 2012) the North Gauteng High Court granted an urgent interdict against e-tolling, placing the project on hold until a full review can take place. The system would have kicked off on 30 April.

    The matter was brought to the High Court by the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (Outa), South African Vehicle Renting and Leasing Association, the Quadpara Association of South Africa and the South African National Consumer Union.

    “We respect the decision. We will study the ruling thoroughly and decide on the next course of action,” the department said in a statement. Reported by BuaNews

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    The e-toll scandal is not quite as legendary as the Arms Deal however its infamy level will certainly be right up there with the best of them. Can’t wait to see how it unfolds now.

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    sylvia hammond

    Hi Philip, yes you are correct in that it has the potential to become a bigger story.  In today’s edition of Cosatu media newsletter, there are a number of reports on the e-Tolls case and one report suggests that there was a report indicating that the costs of recovery of tolls would be prohibitive.  It suggest that the Minister of Transport was mislead.  The OUTA organisation is now requesting all the documentation, so you are right – another story that will run and run. 

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