Draft National Labour Migration Policy for South Africa

By sylviahammond, 1 March, 2022

National media have been covering confrontations about migrants and their employment. In response to the issues arising, the Minister of Employment and Labour has published a draft national policy - for your comment.

In the email distribution via the Parliamentary Monitoring Group (PMG), a useful summary is provided, as follows:

"In summary, National Labour Migration policy aims to achieve a balance between the following:

(a) The population’s expectations regarding accessibility to work for South Africans, given worsening unemployment and a perception that undocumented foreigners are distorting labour market access;

(b) South Africa’s labour market needs, in particular the need for critical skills not locally available;

(c) The protection of migrant workers and their families, in accordance with international standards and guidelines; and

(d) Regional integration and cooperation imperatives."

Please see attached file for the full draft policy.

Comments can be sent to:
[email protected]
by Saturday 28, May 2022

Enquiries can be sent to:
[email protected] or
[email protected]


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