Do women have what it takes to be great leaders?

By dessquire, 3 January, 2017

Employment Equity requires companies to bring about change in leadership and at the higher levels of management where male dominance continues to maintain control

Recent research by a variety of organisations shows, that women leaders tend to have significantly happier, more highly engaged teams. Companies with women on their boards outperform those without and diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams. This being the case, why are companies reluctant to change and bring more women on board in leadership roles?

While the statistics aren’t what they should be, doors are opening but more can be done. Role models (women leaders and managers) are all helping us redefine the role of women in some instances but in others there is still the male domination attitude.

Despite some slow progress in South Africa there is still a great deal of work to do. When I deal with Human Resources leaders and professionals the majority happen to be women – tells me something? I am continually impressed by the leadership I see and the role these women play in companies. What I am concerned about is why these women are not considered to be part of the senior management team? Why do some of them go no further – dead end jobs?  Is gender is part of the problem?

What can we do to address this issue?

What can men do to help? What needs to change?

What are your thoughts (in general) on women in senior positions?


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