By steveshort, 27 September, 2015

I read a post earlier on by a COSATU spokesperson... nothing more than spin and very little to do with education.  They have clearly lost the plot (if they ever had it) and so it renewed my disappointment at how the education system is failing most of the children in our country.  So I lashed out... with hindsight a wrong approach, because negativity spawns more negativity.

So I turned to 'TED' for something uplifting and found it here -  The video poses and answers some profound questions -

  • Do we seek to be understood or to understand;
  • Are we able to apologise when we get it wrong;
  • How “Minus 18 sucks all the life out of you";
  • Do we build a legacy of relationships; and
  • Do we turn up for work even when we don’t feel like it?

So instead of bashing SADTU and COSATU for politicising education (they wouldn't listen anyhow), why not look at ourselves and see what WE CAN do to make a difference?   Please look at the video to see how one such person has.  I salute every teacher and trainer out there who turns up no matter what... those who try to make a difference every day. 

God bless all of you!   


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