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    Raushana Ismail

    Dear Group Members,

    I trust that you are all well. I need urgent assistance with the correct link to the DHET registration application.
    I have started the process late last year and know it is a lengthy process, however, I had a need to make a follow up did not want to leave it to chance. To my surprise, my application is not on their system.

    To start over I researched the valuable links provided by the forum members, with no avail. Firstly, their was no registration to click under document. Now I find my self going through another link. Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 all ok. Step 4 is were I have the problem, in the list their is no option for Registration only Registers. I then click; and it gives you a list of all registered applicants.

    Can someone please assist or look at the link to advise me. Please! Please! much appreciated.

    Smart Sewing & Skills Training CC
    Registered with the FP&M SETA
    Email: smartsewing@live.com

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