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    Desani Moodley


    it will depend on the VA doing the audit, but if you structure it in accordance it is accepted by the VA’s. I have done it for my clients and found success.

    Ilze Botha

    Hi Desani
    Would you be willing to share your view on this? I am always interested in the interpretation and application of the Codes in particular the bursary section as it is new.
    Kind regards,

    Desani Moodley

    Yes sure like I said it depends on the Verification Agency and in particular the Verification Officer, some do accept the mythology I implement as they see the development path as the growth to achieving the full qualification but others see it as a skills program. So you have to be specific in the way you structure the program, documentation must be in place and they should be doing at the least 120 credits per year. It must be a 3 year plan . Always check with the verification agent or the BBBEE consultants.

    I have had success most of my clients, get their full six points. It also is beneficial to the client as we align their strategies.

    venita naidoo

    Good day,
    SDPs that fall under any SETA and/or QCTO cannot apply for registration to the DHET. The registration process was revoked on the 7th February 2020 and gazetted. The only providers that can register with the DHET at this stage are those whom are accredited with Umalusi and/or CHE.

    Can anyone forward me the letter that was forwarded to the above because I have applied for surety as that was one of the requirements for registration with DHET and now the bank wants a letter stating that it was revoked so that monies can be returned to me.

    Thank You

    Please email to smttraining9@gmail.com

    Lynel Farrell

    Good day Venita,

    I have attached the Gazette as well as the Letter that you requested.

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