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    All SDFs who have survived the 2018 WSPATR submission season will be interested to read this discussion document developed by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and the National Skills Authority (NSA).

    Skills-universe members will also be aware of the letter that I created after my experiences. As I have been ill I have not submitted to the Minister as intended. I intend now to submit it in response to this document.

    Please read the documents, and if you do have comments, please feel free to add them to this discussion and I will be happy to include with my submission.

    The DHET NSA discussion document is attached and my previous discussion with my draft letter is on the following link:
    Draft letter to Minister Pandor

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    Suzanne Hattingh

    Thanks, Sylvia: Very interesting changes in the NSA Review to replace the WSP/ATR with the Workplace Skills Survey. Some positive changes, but unfortunately it doesn’t do away with the OFO that is going to become increasingly irrelevant as occupations and job descriptions become more fluid and cross cutting in the changing world of work. The document clearly does not foresee the obvious challenges of matching the varied job titles used by employers to the OFO. Employers have to “Provide the Occupation Title of the employee (in line with the OFO) and as matched to the employee job title” (Section B).

    I would like to comment on the Discussion Document – is there a due date for submission of comments?

    PS: Attached, the 2017 version of the OFO for those who are still working on the 2015 version.

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    Thanks Suzanne, No I don’t have a date – I will try to ascertain.

    Yes, I do agree about the OFO. Especially for small to medium business these old-fashioned static job titles and descriptions are not appropriate.

    To me the OFO is indicative of a larger issue. In my opinion, we too easily just follow what overseas consultants and organisations indicate is required. I do not believe that we need to blindly follow highly bureaucratic solutions, which may well be suited eg. to the European developed environment, but are not necessarily what we need to develop our people and our economy – quickly! We need to have solutions to poverty and unemployment, which is perpetuating inequality. Highly burearcratic solutions are not necessarily what we need – I would go for more pragmatic solutions that get our young people into work – quickly – now!

    Des Squire

    Once again thank you Sylvia for providing this information.
    If my initial read is correct then the document seeking comment was released as version 3 in 2017. If so why are we only hearing about this now? Is this again a failure on the part of the SETA’s to communicate?
    I notice that all registered tax paying companies must now complete the Work place kills Survey once/if implemented. Does this mean it will be compulsory i.e. no exceptions?
    Suzanne’s comments related to the OFO’s is valid and I agree with her concerns.
    The individual biographical information is still very time consuming and I ask is it really necessary. Can this not be done in summary format?


    Dear Des,
    Thank you for your response.

    Yes, I also noted the date and I am sure that the sender would have sent me the most up to date version. I am very much reliant upon people who send me the information to post, and I usually manage to get the information posted within a few days of receipt. I am very grateful to the people, who do regularly send me information.

    To answer your question – I am not entirely sure who is responsible for distributing this information. I suspect it would not be the SETAs but rather the NSA and DHET, who should be distributing and consulting.
    As with the HHRDCSA, when one actively goes out to find the information, some can be found.

    My opinion is that there really is an enormous scope for improvement by DHET to reach out – not only to the big stakeholders who actively participate in the landscape, but I suspect a lot of other smaller entities, who could be brought into skills development and training.

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