DHET & BUSA pick up talks on the 20%/50% SDL refund

Front Page Looking For… Skills Development Facilitators DHET & BUSA pick up talks on the 20%/50% SDL refund

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    I am always very grateful to the range of people who submit information to me to ensure that skills-universe members are kept abreast of events. I have been receiving a number of different documents – I will try to space them out. As many will know I have more industrial relations experience than skills development experience, so in my terms – the attached document tables and sets out the opening gambit, the basis for a negotiation.

    As I understand the attached document –
    * it first sets outs the extent of our national dilemma on unemployment,
    * it notes particularly the extent of youth unemployment,
    * the relationship of level of education to unemployment is clear,
    * skills demand/skills available mismatch & international comparisons,
    * the effect of COVID & ILO stats confirming the extent of the effect,
    * how the skills levy holiday has affected the budget available,
    * but all the other financial contributions that the State has made,
    * and finally, the court decision to set aside the Regulation 4(4) published in Notice 23 of 2016 in GG 39592 – that is the Mandatory Grant reduction from 50% to 20% is set aside.

    Therefore, the proposal is:-
    as we have the SETAs established until 2030, (except MQA), and we have a National Skills Development Plan (NSDP) until 2030, supporting the National Development Plan (NDP),
    the DHET proposes:
    * that the community –
    * including BUSA and all other stakeholders –
    * I assume also including NEDLAC,
    should engage in consultation on new Grant Regulations, which will have a longer duration (unless some other unforeseen events occur).

    Personally, I would respond – I agree, let’s get to it.

    Please see attached document.

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    James Edwards

    I wonder if there is any progress on this matter. The WRSETA were openly talking about having to implement the move to 50% MGs at the beginning of the year but don’t seem to be communicating any timetable for this to happen.
    I assumed that it would kick in as the first payments for the 22/23 year are made but it is an assumption.
    Anyone have any further info?


    Hi James,
    Co-incidentally, I was just writing that up last week & thinking the same thing. Did we get anywhere? The last I heard it was at NEDLAC.

    If they were talking about moving back to 50% in this year, I would suspect that it was really hampered by being 4 months short of levies, as a result of the levy holiday during COVID-19. So that might have held it back.

    I will see if I can find out any updates. Thanks for posting.

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