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    Ashwin Heerachund

    I have been pulling my hair out from sheer fraustration, as i have been unable to receive any communications from Services SETA. Only 5% of of DG application was sucessful. I have mailed all and sundry at SETA requesting a formal notification that my applications were unsucessfull, and to advise me of the relevant appeals process. Its extremly unfair for a levy paying and fully compliant entity such as ours, to be treated with utter disdain.

    My appeal to members of this forum is to advise, should you know wheteher such a process exists and, whether SETA does provide reasons for a non allocation of DG.

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    Nozipho Nhlapo

    Hi Ashwin,

    our company is actually experiencing the same problem, we a have received a small % of what we applied for and no communication from SSETA if other applications were declined or what, nothing…

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    Xolani Qubeka

    I believe the grants are meant to benefit many providers within the budget the SETA has and probably the applications were unsuccessful because the allocations were spread amongst providers rather than allocating one provider many grants.

    At the workshops there were many providers which were allocated grants and this proves that the grants are spread across providers rather than benefitting certain individuals. Levy paying entities benefit from Mandatory Grants as well.

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