Deputy President Motlanthe launches the Proudly SA “Buy Local” expo

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    Deputy President Motlanthe launched the Proudly South African “Buy Local” Expo and Summit.  He reminded delegates to “buy local” as they enter this period of good will and the festive season.  The following is an edited version of his speech, but of relevance to trainers and training service providers are the comments on local content and skills transfer in all new development projects.  It raises the question: are we doing enough to ensure “skills transfer” in all that we do?  What hampers skills transfer? 

    “I know I speak for many South Africans when I say that today we are extremely proud of our nation, of how it has transformed itself and we are convinced that future generations will indeed inherit a united, democratic, non-sexist, non-racial and prosperous country.

    As such the work that you do to promote our products or manufactured goods is very close to our hearts as we build our economy and create jobs.  Indeed all of us have a vested interest in promoting our country as an investment and tourism destination of choice.

    Proudly South African has since its inception sought to wet the appetite of both domestic and international consumers for our locally produced goods. No doubt this has contributed directly to building national pride, patriotism and social cohesion.

    All of us, as business leaders, organised labour and civil society, also carry the responsibility to cultivate a taste for South African manufactured products.

    The most pressing problems confronting our nation today is poverty, inequality, unemployment.

    To overcome these disabilities we have in the last few years developed the New Growth Path, the Industrial Development Policy Action Plan 2 (IPAP2) and the National Development Plan.

    These policies set out the terms, and requirements, for local content and skills transfer in all new development projects. In this connection, therefore, the campaign to promote South African manufactured goods is a critical part of our growth and development strategy.

    As we deliberate on ways to improve the sale of locally manufactured products, we must be reminded that we live in a global village where goods and services no longer recognise borders; where countries continuously strive to penetrate foreign markets to sell their products and; where protectionism of any guise is frowned upon and can elicit destructive reactions from other countries.

    This challenges us to be more competitive in terms of quality, price and desirability of South African goods.  Achieving these goals demands that we should work together as government, organised labour, manufacturers and retailers in support of all the 52 Proudly South African programmes.

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    Full version of the Deputy President’s speech in on

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One thought on “Deputy President Motlanthe launches the Proudly SA “Buy Local” expo

  • Greg Walpole

    I like all the comments so far but I think we may be deluding ourselves. Compare job dedication and hours worked by the workforce / people in the GROWTH economies of the new world order and Job Dedication in the slow growing challenged economy s and there is a story to be told. We must be effective and have life harmony 

    But to be competitive we must also put in the hours. 

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