Definitions of CSR, CSI and SED

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    For those members interested in the meaning of the terms: CSR,CSI and SED, these are the definitions that I found on the SEDISA site


    Corporate Social Responsibility

    “CSR is the deliberate inclusion of public interest into corporate decision-making, and the honouring of a triple bottom line. Includes social welfare.”


    Corporate Social Investment

    “CSI is the deliberate investment into social projects or schemes with the aim of realising a return including branding and community health. Includes sustainable social projects.” 


    Socia-Economic Development

    “SED’s aim is to create sustainable access to the economy for beneficiaries.  Includes skills development and work readiness programs.”


    Based on these interpretations, it seems that our skills-universe members are involved in all of these areas and most particularly SED.

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