Current Skills Shortage in SA – Assistance required

Front Page Looking For… SETAs, levies & scarce skills, TVET colleges, PSET Current Skills Shortage in SA – Assistance required

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    Hi everyone, I need assistance in compiling a report regarding the current skills shortages in SA for a client, can anyone point me in a direction where I can find usable up to date info and stats etc. I have a very tight deadline so I will appreciate any help in obtaining this info, thank you

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    The new SSP’s will provide valuable information and HEMIS will also help.



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One thought on “Current Skills Shortage in SA – Assistance required

  • Des Squire

    Hi Sylvia and all members of Skills Univers and perhaps even Skills Portal

    Perhaps it is time we conducted a survey related to SETA service and submitted this as a group to all the CEO’s for comment and fedback. The Shoddy service has gone on for long enough and the losses incurred by providers as a result are enormous. What do you think???????

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