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    Petra Penninkhoff

    I have not heard for a while about the status of e-Learning and SAQA/SETA/QCTO guidelines.

    Does anyone know something about the current status? Will it be my while to develop 100% e-Learning programmes and courses?

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    Saleam Essop

    QCTO – eLearning and feedback from my meeting with the QCTO
    On the 15th of April, 2019, I met with senior members of the QCTO. In attendance, Mr John April ( Chair), Mrs Diane Kemp, Mr Raeul Mcpherson, Mrs Annemarie Janse van Rensburg, Mr Tobile Gqili, Mr Sifiso Mkhonza
    To present our InSchool VSS technology and to gain clarity on where the QCTO stood on eTeaching, eLearning and eAssessment. Details of the technology is here:
    Without sounding like a public relations officer for the QCTO, I must state that the reception was exceptional and the willingness to help, guide and clarify all areas was truly refreshing. The QCTO knows its mandate and seems to be pursuing a diligent and methodical approach to the new accreditation and conversion process.

    The QCTO has reaffirmed its policy document that eLearning / eAssessment is acknowledged as a mode of learning. SDP’s can build lessons using our technology for example and as long as it meets the requirements of the QCTO in terms of skills transfer for the module ( formerly unit standard ), it will be accredited. Totally remote learning or blended learning is now possible and the method adopted, such as eTeaching, will not be prejudiced in any way.
    This is great news for our technology which offers a low-cost, and easy lesson creation process with 80% data reduction compared to traditional video. SDPs and AQPs can utilize the system and get started in a matter of hours, not weeks or months. We give those SDPs or AQPs who do not have the financial resources or ability to manage your servers or infrastructure to build your own system the ability to compete with the big institutions.
    You control, on an exclusive basis, your virtual classroom, your lessons and modules, your students and your tutors, trainers or facilitators. Imagine creating a 5-minute power lesson whilst sitting in your living room and in minutes, all learners registered to the classroom receives the lesson featuring real voice, handwriting, images and animations, instantly. see
    We will set up a test virtual classroom for you on request, at no cost. You may test our technology and witness its power. Choose an option which suits your needs and budget.
    Contact me via email, phone or whatsapp. , 084 808 2222

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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