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    Jan van Dyk

    Is there a current RPL process to see if I qualify for a degree with my current qualifications. I have 2 diplomas and various other qualifications. Who can I contact to find out

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    Hi. You would need to approach the accredited CHE provider. Most of them are accredited for RPL, but most only apply it for access/entry rather than the awarding of qualifications. You can also enquire after their CAT policy/process. Some, Da Vinci for example, may RPL for part of the qualification but I would imagine it unlikely that your qualifications exactly match the requirements for a particular qualification. Unless you have the research component required for M and PhD, the RPL would probably only apply to B degrees anyway.

    If you have a particular qualification in mind contact the CHE provider/s that offer it, otherwise you may have to approach whichever ones you would be interested in.

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