By Davidj, 30 May, 2014

Morning everyone

I have a problem and hope you would be able to assist me.

Let me provide you with the background to my problem.

We have a driver which is  a Zulu male, which was given an instruction by a female office administrator (she is Xhosa or Sotho), which he failed to comply with. After going through the process of initiating a disciplinary hearing and at the disciplinary hearing the argument was made that because of his cultural beliefs he does not take "instructions" from a female.

I then said we need to postpone the hearing until I have clarity on whether the company rules and regulations are indirectly discriminatory in nature and could be prejudice to the employee.

This now brings me to the problem : should cultural diversity be incorporated in the company's overall diversity programme? (as we and be we I mean myself) clearly failed to do so in the design of company policies and procedures?

If it should, what should be included? Because this tells me I need to arrange the entire organizational structure and review recruitment and selection criteria to keep everyone happy (but me)

At present the policy states "as an organization we are committed to employment equity and diversity and shall endeavor all reasonable actions to facilitate the promotion of employment equity and diversity in the workplace." which goes on in explaining how employment equity will take preference in succession planning etc.




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