Cultivating & developing High Level Awareness Management (Hlam) Dr Wynand Goosen

By drwynandgoosen, 2 September, 2013

Cultivating & developing High Level Awareness Management (Hlam)

Dr Wynand Goosen



The smallest part of matter, called a particle, behaves in a fashion based on the consciousness of the observer. We all work with one infinite power– the law of attraction. In practice this suggests that the Manager becomes aware that s/he is in fact, a core ingredient in the situation at work, albeit productivity, stress or failure of the team. Highly aware managers are conscious of their ability to shape and mold the energy in a team to take a certain direction. Thus, they are fully engaged in understanding their role in policy, procedures and implementation, and the effect it has on the team as well as the bottom line. Like a spider with a full web of its web (the system), the high level aware manager sees all the strands, knowing where to tweak and what to repair, making sure there is always a catch.


The role and importance of Management Awareness is a prerequisite to the ability to engage in “systems thinking” in the modern day organization. The value in systems thinking lies in the fact that the approach, ultimately, looks at the business in a holistic way, considering how a change in one area of the business, affects a change in another area of the business. The introduction of high-level awareness enables the manager to also understand how the system affects the people that work in the business.


A key component of systems thinking business must recognize that issues do not exist in isolation. For example, a delay in delivery of results in one area of the business causes a delay in payments, thus leading to a cash flow problem. Thus, the spider web lost a strand and the prey flies right trough it. The strand has to be repaired quickly, and the spider does that. However, is the spider aware why and how it broke? Does the spider contemplate how to make it stronger next time? What about changing the design of the web? Maybe the spider can review its own action? Even talk to its peers? If the spider could think like this, wow, humans, we would have to run. Management awareness is about understanding the interconnectedness of business functions, processes and human actions in the workplace, just like the spider on its web.


The highly aware manager understands the value and true nature of relationships, teamwork and even conflict. This enables the manipulation of cause and effect. It facilitates creation. It guides experience. It drives development, constant thinking and ultimately, effective business results.



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