Critical Skills List - LMIP research project report published

By sylviahammond, 21 February, 2021

The published report credits authors: Michele Capazario and Fouché Venter (DNA Economics).

The suggested citation is:
DNA Economics (2020). A Technical Report for the 2020 Critical Skills List. Produced for the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) as part of the Labour
Market Intelligence (LMI) research programme.

This document of 132 pages includes:
* defining the critical skills list (CSL), and criteria for inclusion;
* the methodology adopted, and
* the application of the Organising Framework of Occupations (OFO) codes;
* the analysis, with detailed appendices;
* and the final provisional CSL for submission.

As skills-universe members are active participants in skills development, it will be very well worth your time reading - for a number of reasons


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