COVID-19 Workplace Readiness and Preparedness

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      Yashik Rambally

      We are keen on hosting a 1-2 day virtual workshop on COVID-19 in the workplace. This would need to be suitable for the public and private sectors.

      COVID-19 has disrupted the whole world, including the way work is being done and will be done in future. The way we approach our workplace and the people in it will never be the same again, not even in the long term. Therefore it is important that the management team in the workplace understands the critical aspects of the SARS-CoV2 virus.

      It is important that the management team understands the way the infection is propagated, what legislation regulates the South African approach to fighting the spread of the infection, what measures need to be taken to minimise the spread of the virus now and in the workplace of the future and what measures must be taken, should a person present with the symptoms at work.

      Who should attend?

      The whole management team, from top management to team leaders should have an understanding of the critical aspects of COVID-19, to enable them to manage the situation with understanding, going forward. The following individuals will find value in the workshop (not limited to):

      1. Top management
      2. Middle management
      3. Supervisors
      4. Team leader
      5. Occupational Health and safety representatives, officers and managers
      6. COVID-19 compliance officers and managers


      1. Introduction and Background to COVID-19
      2. Legal requirements
      3. Requirements before allowing entry to site
      4. Control measures in the Workplace/ Onsite

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