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    Morning all. I need some advice/guidance on how to cost for learning material development. Is there a standardised model in the industry for example R50 per credit when quoting clients? Your assistance in this regard is highly appreciated.

    Johnny Basson

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    Hi Johnny, I hope you are joking when you use R50 per credit as an example! haha.

    Many factors contribute, so think about what it will actually cost you (including mainly your time!!) and then add in a profit and contingencies amount. Things to consider include but are not limited to:

    * accredited/non-accredited

    * deliverables (EG facilitator guide or just learner guide, assessments including model answers?)

    * is any printing required?

    * are SME inputs required? (including meetings, travel etc)

    * deadlines

    * NQF level

    * learning area

    * volume

    You can google a few off-the-shelf suppliers to see what is around. Message me If you like.

    Other responses to your post would be interesting as well.

    Good luck

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    Louise Sterling

    Hi Johnny

    To add to Steven’s list, you may also need to consider what quality of material you want to publish.

    Many authors simply write themselves and don’t worry about subject expertise and the elements of publishing. I think this is a pity as it downgrades the quality of learning material and creates a false price in the market as cheap and expensively produced course material must compete in the same field.

    If you want to go the extra mile and produce high quality materials in line with publishing standards, you need to include in your costing: 

    – hiring a subject expert as author (with a degree or higher in the field) or

    – hiring a trained writer to work with the subject expert as quality assurer to ensure the content is high quality

    – layout and design

    – photographs, illustrations and diagrams 
    – editing

    – copyright permissions

    – proof reading

    In addition, some clients pay a lot more to purchase the exclusive copyright to the materials. If you intend to retain copyright, you need to make this clear to your client at the start.

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    Cas Olivier

    Then  there is the challenge to develop self-discovery activities.

    Otherwise we are doing spoon-feeding and our country need thinking skills.

    For content-based material I will pay R10-00 a dozen credits.

    Activity based = priceless.

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    Thanks fro the detailed explanation Louise.  I really appreciate it as I’m also new in this field.

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    Thanks fro the detailed explanation Louise.  I really appreciate it as I’m also new in this field.

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