By sylviahammond, 1 May, 2018

After 18 years in skills development, this has been the most chaotic ATR WSP PIVOTAL report and plan submission season. In learning mode, I have developed a draft letter for submission to DHET and Minister Pandor containing what I believe are constructive suggestions to avoid a repeat of the experience next year.

I would appreciate your suggestions for inclusion under the following headings:

  • submission date for ATR WSP PIVOTAL reports and plans
  • software systems used for ATR WSP PIVOTAL reports
  • ICT online training (e.g. webinars) on reporting systems
  • request for extension submission requirements
  • inter-seta transfers
  • B-BBEE scorecard correlation with SETA registration


The final comment will be a request that no reports are rejected for late submission if the SDF has evidence of attempts to submit within due date.

Now I don't want a lot of complaints - we all know what the problems are, and some SDFs are still battling to submit - I'm looking for constructive suggestions, just click Reply.

I will be publishing the draft suggestions, and submitting to associations for comment and contributions. If you have suggestions on where to send for comment, please provide email details.

I have been informed that some SDFs are reluctant to publish on a public forum for fear of being discriminated against by SETA staff (although this is not a criticism of SETA staff), but if you are concerned then please send directly to me at

Looking forward to your constructive suggestions.
Thank you.


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