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    Erica Faulmann

    HI anyone been able to get through to QCTO recently? Just need to follow up on a letter of Intent..



    Hi Erica,
    Have you had any success?
    Were you trying to make contact by phone or email, and
    who were you trying to contact?

    Cecile Andrews

    Good day, thank you for sharing.
    I would like to pose a question regarding the pros and cons of having a qualification accredited with a Seta as opposed to the qcto.
    Apologies if it sounds silly…Ii hope my question makes sense.
    Our training providing has been accredited by qcto for the od etdp qualification. We would noe like to go ahead and market to offer facilitator, assessor etc courses. One of the main objections are, “is it not supposed to be accredited by etdp seta?”
    I know the reason we opted to get accredited directly with qcto, was because of the talks that the Seta’s would be disbanded.
    I really do not know how to go about marketing our courses?
    I would appreciate any help or assistance.
    Kind regards.

    Lynel Farrell

    Hi Cecile,
    I just want to clarify something. You are accredited for the Training and Development Practitioner (Occupational Qualification), did you apply separately for the Part Qualifications:
    1. Learning and Development Facilitator
    2. Assessment Practitioner
    3. Skills Development Facilitation Practitioner
    4. Work Based Learning and Development Practitioner

    As we all know, the legacy qualifications are phasing out. With the Training and Development Practitioner, the ETDP Seta is the Assessment Quality Partner.

    SETAs are not going to go away, they have all been re-licensed till 2030, they have far more functions than just accreditation.

    In order to make sure that you are accredited for the Part Qualifications, you will need to look at your accreditation letter, if the part qualifications are listed – if not, then you would need to apply for them. When a provider obtains accreditation for a full qualification, they do not automatically get approval for the part qualifications.

    I hope this helps.


    Thank you Lynel, for that very comprehensive reply. and than you Cecile for your question.
    I am absolutly sure that there are many members who will read and benefit from the information.

    And yes, SETAs are here until 2030 – according to the current plans.

Viewing 5 posts - 6 through 10 (of 10 total)
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