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    I picked up the following contact details of email addresses and a telephone number for the QCTO – thanks to Lynel for sharing.

    Our site won’t accept the original graphic so I have copied and scanned it for the details.

    I am aware of a number of complaints about QCTO service, and a reluctance of members to place details on skills-universe.

    Our world is a stressful place, so in order to reduce emotions and conflict: maintain an objective record, know what the timelines are that the QCTO claims to meet, and make sure to have all your details, in order to lodge a formal, objective complaint.

    I must say that I am totally non-receptive to any excuse that includes the words COVID-19 or coronavirus. There has been more than enough time to adjust ways of working. In my opinion, any failure to do so by now, is a failure of management and executive authorities. And please don’t tell me about high call volumes – when half the nation is unemployed.

    In order to lodge a formal, objective complaint, keep a record of:
    * what you required:
    (certification/verification/accreditation/letter of intent/occupations/trades, etc.);
    * the date of your application;
    * the email address you contacted, (If you have set up Read requests or Delivery confirmation keep that), and
    * whether you interacted with a specific individual thereafter; and
    * all dates of the responses/non-response period.
    Simply create a summary document of timelines, with all supporting documentation.

    Please see attached for the QCTO email contact details, and the telephone number.

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    Lynel Farrell

    Thank you Sylvia!

    I think the reason why the published directory did not want to load, is because it was 10MB. Thank you so much for sharing the contact details – it is important that emails are sent to the allocated email addresses, and records should be kept of follow-ups done!


    Hi Lynel, yes you are correct it was a big file & s-u only accepts up to 5mg, but it was also the format – apparently it’s a jfif – which sounds like a lot of swearwords put together 😉

    Bernard Botha


    Appreciate that it is a bit late to reply to this. Also appreciate all the hard work that had gone into this. I know that the QCTO staff are reluctant to provide their cell numbers – with one or two noticeable exceptions! Would it be possible to add cell numbers as well? I have a few that I can provide – most of these people are happy to share their numbers, if one does not overuse it.

    malose mofomme

    Thank you Sylvia.

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