By phindilesims, 13 June, 2014

A needs assessment has identified the following key priority areas for strengthening of the organisation leadership:

i). Improved Strategic Leadership (Institutional Development)

ii). Business Management

iii). Access to information; and,

iv). Access to Finance.

Training Objectives:

To train and equip top executive members on Leadership and Management. On completion of the training the executive should be in a position to assist and provide advisory services to the branch leadership, monitor branch performance including giving proper guidance to emerging business entrepreneurs.

Specific Tasks

 The following are the key activities for this 10 day Assignment:

A. Develop training curricula on Leadership and Management with the following key topics covered; Leadership and management skills, Organizational development, Corporate governance, Change management, Resources mobilization and, Conflict resolution.

B. Develop clear indicators for monitoring effectiveness of training;

C. Maximum number of days for training 5 days.

D. Submit Terminal report.

Proposal Format

The consultant will be expected to submit an electronic and hard copy of the following document:

Experience and Qualification of Consultants

Technical Proposal detailing the following:

Administration, International Development, or other relevant field;

• Understanding of requirements, including similar project descriptions,

• Approach to meeting requirements,

• Proposed Work plan and Methodology

Kindly email response to [email protected]


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