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    Lynel Farrell

    One of the major issues with identifying consequences of evaluations today is the inconsistency in evaluation and verification processes not to mention the documentation on various evaluation and/or verifications in South Africa.  This could be such a big topic, as each and every SETA in South Africa make use of their own designed templates/documents.  Unfortunately – what is important to one SETA is not necessarily important for another SETA.  With that said,  the variations of evaluations/verifications are leading to confusion and frustration amongst Providers let alone between Evaluators/Verifiers as there are no set standard that regulate this function therefore there is a negative effect on the quality and viability of provision.


    The services of Verifiers/Evaluators in the ETD environment are very limited, not just limited but the infrequent contact with these individuals does not permit the Providers to receive developmental support.  The lack of nationwide access to the essential evaluation and verification services have a negative effect on the quality assurance of the system as a whole, particularly as Providers lose the momentum and motivation to develop and implement quality systems due to restricted guidance and support.


    How do we turn this around?


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