Confirmation of registration of our learners from QCTO and writing of their EISA

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    Karyn Howes

    We are a newly accredited (with QCTO) private provider offering the Level 4 ECD practitioner training. We started training at the beginning of this year and sent the learners information to the QCTO (Form 1 and Form 2) in March. As yet we have not had confirmation of that email or that our learners are on their system. We are aware of the OQLMS and it was our understanding that we would receive access to this once we were accredited. To date we have not received access to this Information Management System or communication from the QCTO. How do we go about getting access to the OQLMS?

    We are concerned that we have also had no information about where or when they would write their EISA.

    Suggestions very welcome as we are concerned that our learners will not receive the certification for the hard work and effort they have put into their studies this year.

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    Good Morning Karyn
    With regard to writing of EISA as per QCTO’s Summary Guidelines on E-Assessment including their issued Memorandum early May 2020 in relations to this Pandemic Lockdowns-Season. Conducting EISA and other Finanl Assessments are on hold. That is only formative and low stake summative assessments can be delivered or conducted. This is in context of an SDP using an E-assessments.
    Thanks and I hope this gives light to your inquiry

    Karyn Howes

    Dear Nthabiseng

    Thank you for your response. We shall keep an eye on the QCTO website for updates on when the go ahead has been given for the EISA.

    We are still awaiting a response from the QCTO as to whether our learners are on their database. Do you perhaps know how to gain access to the OQLMS?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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