Condolences to the Wits community on the passing of Eddie Webster

By sylviahammond, 7 March, 2024
Labour bulletin

Our sincere condolences to Professor Webster's family and friends, academic colleagues, and all those labour activists and students, who will feel his loss.  

Many skills-universe members and many practitioners involved in skills development implementation are also knowledgeable and experienced in labour and employment law and industrial relations. 

Professor Eddie Webster was an activist academic, who made a considerable contribution to the workplace discipline of industrial relations, and the academic domain of Industrial Sociology. He supported labour activism, highlighting the reality of the apartheid workplace, and how the changes in labour process impact the labour movement. He founded the prestigious Sociology of Work Programme (SWOP) at Wits University, responsible for developing many of the leading Industrial Sociologists. 

Professor Webster's contribution has spanned many decades of change in South Africa. During the 1970's and the inception of new Black unions  he was involved in the founding of the South African Labour Bulletin and - of particular interest to skills development practitioners, he co-founded the Institute for Industrial Education, the first college for workers.  

His many publications contribute to our understanding of labour relations and the insecurity deriving from modern trends of informalisation and casualisation in the changing world of work.   

A detailed explanation of his contribution and key publications is available on the Wits University site at the following URL  


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