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By relebogile, 3 July, 2017

Effective Communication is essential in any professional environment. The way we pass a message can have a direct bearing on the eventual outcome. What you say and how you say it can make all the difference. For most individuals, their success often relies on what is done by others. Effective relationships at work rely on effective communication between individuals.

However, communication often breaks down because what is being said is not always heard (or what is being heard is not always what is meant). There is a tendency to give and receive information in a way that makes us feel comfortable, even if it is not the most effective way.

As individuals, we need to be aware of how we communicate to others. We need to use a language and an approach that allows others to be receptive to the message and information.

This workshop is aimed at everyone who would like to improve on their communication skills set in the workplace.

On completion of this training, participants would have learned:

• How to evaluate the source of communication
• Perception and reference groups
• The importance of non-verbal communication
• The effects of emotions
• Interface and noise
• How to deal with physical barriers
• Developing listening as a critical skill in communication
• Why we always hear what we expect to hear
• Why we ignore information that conflicts with what we already

Each attendee will receive a workbook.
Candidates can request to be assessed. On successful completion of this workbook, the attendees will get a Certificate of Competence from the CSG as well as a Statement of Results from the MICT SETA.

The workshop includes lunch and material

Cost per person is R1500(NO VAT)
To reserve a space email:[email protected]


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