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    Hey Colleagues, as an independent consultant we are often asked to engage groups of people. Many engage groups from a perspective of their consulting expertise, yet know’s little about the impact they’re having on the system – or at least the impact they want to have on the system.

    I want to open a conversation with you around team
    coaching from this perspective. I know that this is something being done by coaches, but how do you leverage knowledge and understanding of systems theory in your work?  I am wanting to create awareness around the
    need for independent consultants to be more intentional about the impact they want to have by consciously leveraging the relationships in the system. 

    I want to advocate team coaching from a place of the system as a
    separate voice to be heard and honored in the consulting process.

    Last night I had fun interviewing two incredible human beings. They are
    Marita Fridjhon and Faith Fuller. Both are seasoned health professionals
    and highly experienced coaches currently resident in California, US.
    They developed an incredible advanced coaching program for coaches,
    health and allied professional, OD practitioners and independent consulting professional wanting to work with
    teams and other forms of relationships systems.

    Please listen to the interview here:

    Their website contains wonderful resources for working with all forms of
    relationship systems, whether these be teams, couples, partnerships,
    departments, etc. Visit the website at:

    I am interested in being in conversation with you about leveraging a model of team engagement that is systems oriented, tool rich and leverages the whole as
    greater than the sum of the individual parts.

    I have used these tools to great effect in all kinds of consulting assignments.

    The purpose of this post is to open the conversation around this issue
    to simply to create awareness of this incredible resource. If you want
    to know more about where this program will be offered in South Africa
    simply visit my website.

    So, are you currently doing team coaching, what modalities / approach do
    you use and how

    Igshaan Soules

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