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By igshaansoules, 31 March, 2010

I am a coach and provider of training and personal development products / services. I have always been interested in the technology environment. What I have noticed is that more and more people are using the technology environment to seek out information about personal growth issues and consequently, individuals able to provide these services.

My sense is that the technology environment - i.e. the internet (web presence), social media (engagement) and media site (for resources), etc. will play an increasing role in positioning and profiling coaches.

I am interested in understanding how many coaches are currently using social media and in particular, what specific challenges you have doing so. The purpose of this inquiry is to determine

1. What is being done and how successful is this for you.
2. To establish whether their are common challenges faced by all;
2. To determine whether there is an opportunity for us to create a common learning.

My personal experience of finally getting my blog sorted (let alone the countless hours spent on my website!) is that this environment can be an incredibly frustrating environment, a huge time waster and most of all, overwhelming. And, there is such an incredible abundance of resources to make it easy - finding them is the hard part. I have found many.

Given this experience, I am trying to establish whether anyone could benefit from or value participating in a series of hands-on workshops.

My thoughts are to create a series of 5 workshops that will focus on "3 Things you can do Create and Boost your online presence". These workshops will hands-on, fully experiential and aimed at you walking away with a real tangible online product.

I would love your thoughts.


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