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    sylvia hammond

    In conversation with SDFs it becomes clear that this year we again have submission problems.
    The SETAs all appear to have entirely different submission date/extension policies.
    There also seems to be different policies on whether they use Annexure 2 or ATR/WSP terminology and apparently FASSET now refers to a ATR/SDP.
    These are the submission dates I have so far.
    Please add your information for the remaining SETAs.

    MERSETA extension available if apply 1 minute before midnight 30 April – then extended until end May
    AGRISETA no extensions under any conditions
    INSETA general extension for everyone until the 31 May
    HWSETA not general extension only if applied before midnight 31 April & then wait for verdict if reason for lateness good enough
    FASSET general extension until the 6May.

    All SETA administration falls under the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act (PAJA) – what are the implications of these inconsistencies?

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    Bryan Human

    Deadlines for SASSETA. If extension is required, it has to be applied for by 16 April. I am uncertain of the duration of the extension, however this year the Sasseta site crashed the weekend before month-end, and the data was moved to another site. Useful, except the site has to be enabled on your browser compatibility list in order to interact with the capturing process! Uncertain of the ramifications of that!

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      sylvia hammond

      Thanks for the feedback Bryan. As I understand no extension can be past 31 May.

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    siphiwe Tshuma

    Good day

    Please help me more information on ATR and WSP submissions. A client of ours is interested in submitting for Construction CETA but my knowledge is limited to the issues at hand. Th client wants to know the procedure, advantages or benefits and how to prepare the ATR/ WSP documents, how to claim back monies after paying for training.



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      sylvia hammond

      Hi Siphiwe,
      The questions you are asking would fill a whole book. But you are in the right place to find answers because the answers are what members of the skills-universe deal with.

      One suggestion is that you attend a training course for skills development facilitators. Then you would be able to provide SDF services to the company.

      Start with the SARS site – click on the search and look for SDL. That will give you the start on the skills development levies.

      Also join the Discussion Group for SDFs. Then start asking questions in that group. If you do your questions one at a time, then you should start getting some guidance.

      Click Discussion Groups, enter the word skills in the search box, the search will bring up a few groups. Join the SDF group. In the group scroll down to the bottom of the discussions, use the boxes to enter a question. Click on the little box to receive email answers. Click to Submit the discussion. Let me know if you need help.

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      sylvia hammond

      Hi Simphiwe,
      Have a look at this link on the site

      About skills development facilitator training.
      Regards sylvia

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    Kerrin Badham

    Hi Sylvia

    I could not get on to MICT Indicium to upload my company’s ATR/WSP – largely because the skills tab would not bring up my company. I can log in as an SDF, I could log in as a Training Provider – but when I tried as the SDF to upload – suddenly my company (who has been submitting returns for 4 years) could not be found.
    I called MICT on Monday 29th – and was told to send an email to a very obscure email address. Nevertheless – it bounced. I called again on 30th – couldn’t get through. And still could not log on. I tried in the eveningst oo – no joy. ON 2nd May, I emailed MICT and was told that there was to be NO extention whatsoever. I still cant log on to see my company’s ATR for the past 4 years. It is as if my company’s profile has been disconnected. Anyone have the same experience?

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      sylvia hammond

      Hi Kerrin,
      I can imagine your frustration. But it sounds like a technical problem similar to one I had a few years ago, and it required the company that deals with the Indicium software to resolve it.

      I would suggest that you escalate it to the MICT SETA CEO. Then if it is not resolved, I would refer to the DHET directly.

      To my mind, these issues fall under our right to fair administrative practices – under PAJA. Therefore, there is a legal cause of action.

      Last year I sent an open letter to the DHET Minister, who requested officials to hold a meeting. I was unable to attend as it was in Gauteng, and the feedback I received was that the DHET officials listened but they were concerned that we are not part of any formal representative body.

      Nothing happened, the problems with inconsistent SETAs continue and the problem of timing – requiring submission over this period of Easter and South African public holidays – and unavailability of SETA staff to deal with problems and queries like this continues.

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