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    What would you say is the best way to motivate an employee to do elearning rather that a workshop?

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    Tyrone Lewis

    I believe the following are motivators:
    1. Employee’s own pace
    Employee can do learning at their own pace, not need to follow the facilitator or wait for the slowest person in the workshop.
    2. No extra travel
    In most cases the corporate training venue is away from the workplace so the employee must arrange and pay for travel to and fro.
    3. Time out of office
    Instead of a day away from work the employee could start the eLearning then pause and continue OR do it all then return to work without delay.
    4. No facilitation errors
    Weak facilitation can make a workshop fail. Elearning is consistent, only the learner varies.
    5. Lower cost
    Per employee eLearning is cheaper because no venue booking nor catering above current workplace standard.
    6. Printing
    A typical workshop requires some printed learning materials to engage the learners and give them a take home reminder of the learning. eLearning can contain learner guides but the electronic format can be printer blocked. Alternately the design could encourage employees to download and save for later review, without printing.

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