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    Barbara Elliott

    Good Afternoon Colleagues

    Just a word of warning, please exercise caution when purchasing course material. We requested sample material which was sent through and seemed to be relevant.
    I have attached a copy of one of the pages from the Electrical material.
    For the amusement factor, have a look.

    EG: BELT SANDER – An electric sanding tool commonly used to convert minor touch up jobs into major refinishing jobs. Avoid using for manicures.

    But this is shocking and I think many of us are going to be taken for a ride because we do not have the time to develop our own material for these qualifications.

    I did confront the seller who was shocked that I would even consider ruining his reputation.

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    Lynel Farrell

    No matter whether you have paid R2k or R85k – the material needs to be evaluated. The only way to evaluate the material is against the Occupational Curriculum – Topic by Topic (don’t forget the elements). I have evaluated a number of sets and can shock some people. The following was found to add to the humour (as loadshedding has taken the rest of my frustration today).

    1. An Early Childhood Practitioner needs to be able to change a radiator.
    2. The Facilitator (SME) requirements for the Occupational Farm Supervisor must be a Qualified Painter.
    3. The Facilitator (SME) for the Electrician Trade must be a good plumber.
    4. Everything happens in Mississippi and in China (including their policies and Acts)
    5. Assessors and Moderators must be registered by the QCTO (never seen such application, nor a register that exists, but okay – google can’t even find such an application)
    6. The assessment process is not aligned to the occupational process at all, developers use the SETA process as is, which will confuse the learner.
    7. A South African Vehicle Drivers license is required to operate a laptop in an organisation.

    I am going to stop now ……………….. the list increases daily.

    Barbara Elliott

    We have been looking at some of the latest skills programmes, the curriculum has nothing to do with the programme, completely out of context. How are they approving and releasing these documents into the public domain? It is a joke.

    Is there anyone who would be prepared to listen to us ?

    Just on the note of your survey, we have just managed to get clients to understand the concept of short programmes vs skills programmes, full qualifications, credits, etc. Ensuring that they do not use fly by night providers. Now how do I convince my clients that they can do a skills programme it’s not registered and that’s ok. Not going to happen.

    Thanks for the humour.

    Lynel Farrell

    Skills Programmes do not have the same documents as a Part-Qualification or a Full Qualification. You will also notice that Skills Programmes do no have an Assessment Specification Document, as learners do not need to write the EISA at an Assessment Centre.

    I could only find two skills programmes that included a proper curriculum document.

    The survey, is to appeal the current stipulation, and to recommend that skills programmes be registered with SAQA, so that learner records and credits can be uploaded to the NLRD. At this stage, it is clear that the Skills Programmes do not have a SAQA ID and therefore will not be recognised by SAQA. This all is built into the submission of appeal. Unfortunately, it takes time to draft the submission, whilst I am trying to get providers to support the appeal by completing the survey. This is now week three that I am busy with it. I wish I could give you better news, but at this moment, there is none. Many meetings and gatherings are happening but no action has been taken that I know of. Now, I follow the reporting line, whereby the draft to the Minister is next (in process).

    When industry needs to stand up and get together, it doesnt happen, until there is no way to turn around.

    I will continue to ask for support (the support is not in the form of funding, but to complete 5 questions – that’s all)

    Don’t give up, I have not and I am not ready to either.

    Barbara Elliott

    We really appreciate you Lynell and all you do for the industry.

    Thank you

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