By kamogelophetla, 6 March, 2017

Good day

I am new to the network. I was advised by a colleague to join. I believe being in this network will assist me a lot since I was introduced to the training and development sector in 2015.

I have N3 to N6 in Electrical Engineering , a national Diploma in Human Resource Management and the ETDP certificate for facilitating learning and conduct outcome based assessment. 

I do not have advanced practical experience in the electrical except the limited experience i gained since I was working as an electrical assessor assistant. I have been exposed much on the basic phase of the electrical trade apprenticeship programme . My contract was terminated because of no adequate experience.

I was seeking for an opportunity that will equip me with the experience I need so that I can be able to go for trade test. Is there a different route either than having to go through the apprenticeship route?

I am also doing an extended programme in UNISA for Engineering studies. I have been applying for post but with no luck. I feel like time has gone and the apprenticeship route is going to take longer. Is there anything available for people like me? 


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