Can MERSETA apprentices transfer whilst busy with fitter and turner apprenticeship?

By jeanettekalp, 29 June, 2012

I need urgent advice iro apprenticeships, trade tests, attending college, etc for a fitter and turner apprenticeship.

  1. one of our kids started a job with a company in Gauteng who registered an apprenticeship with MERSETA.
  2. since he started working for them, he has not attended any college classes; at which point are the apprentices supposed to start attending college?
  3. he was told because he did a year mechanical engineering while he was trying the study route, it's not necessary for him to attend college; he just needs his 4000 hrs for his trade test;
  4. he was offered a position with a company who will take over his apprenticeship;

my questions:

  1. can an apprentice transfer from one company to another whilst busy with his apprenticeship;
  2. if he can transfer, how should it be handled, who can assist with the finer details?
  3. is the trade test really enough in order for him to build towards a career for himself?
  4. can his current employer refuse to have him transferred, scrap his hours already completed? he has already completed 1000+ hours; will this fall away, does he need to start from scratch when accepting the new job?
  5. are there specific notice periods applicable to specific periods of employment? or only dependent on what was signed with the current employer?

I need to understand the processes, what can and what are not allowed in order to ask the right questions in our effort to assist him in making up his mind in this regard.


Jeanette Kalp ([email protected])


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