Can Assessors of a unit standard Assess Across SETAs

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      Good evening, Someone posted for Assessor and Moderator for:

      “Please can you email me copies of your ETDP SETA registrations for the following unit standards;
      • 123398 Facilitate the transfer and application of learning in the workplace
      • 117871 Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies
      Thank you, ”

      I posted them the ETDP registration for Unit Standard 117871 & the Service SETA for Unit Standard 123398 which is in the qualification: Service SETA – 59201 LP 60269.

      This is her/his response

      No, you do not understand the requirements correctly and from the evidence that you have submitted, you do not have the unit standards registrations that my Client requires.

      Please advise.

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      I want to understand that if a unit standard is in a qualification used in a different SETA e.g. not a specific SETA, does thats stop it to be an applicable unit standard.

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      Des Squire

      You must be registered with each individual SETA as an assessor and be approved to assess specific unit standards and/or qualidications with each.

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      Thanks Des, will add to ETDP.

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