Can a learner change employers and proceed with a learnership?

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    Johann Hattingh

    Good day everyone,

    I know this is not the correct place to post this, but I need to know if a learner who was on a learnership with an employer resign and then proceed with the learnership with the new employer?

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    Kate Sani

    Dear Johann. The learner’s current employer needs to discuss this with the SETA. All learnerships are legislated, and there must be a learnership agreement signed between the learner, provider, employer and the SETA. If the employer on this agreement is no longer the employer, the learnership agreement terminates, and thus the learner is no longer on a learnership. Thus, the reason why a discussion with the affected SETA is critical.

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    Benjamin Nteko

    Perfect answer Kate. We need people like you in our systems. Most providers just run the learnership programmes just to benefit financially. Not Taking into account the different aspects requires to make sure that learners benefit wholely.

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    Morning Johann
    No. The learnership is based on an agreement between three parties, namely: the employer, learner and training provider. If any one of those elements change during the learnership, then the SETA in question has to be advised and that learnership is terminated. Should a learner opt to resign or terminate their learnership contract, this must be communicated to the SETA. Similarly, should the learner find a different employer who is running the same learnership, a new learnership contract must be signed and submitted to the SETA by the employer.

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