Call to participate in a 15min phone call on how the SETA's can be better

By andrewwoods, 15 November, 2020

As I am almost finished with my thesis (on the subject "How the SETA's can better support business"), I need four more survey responses on how the SETA's can "be better". Each response will involve a 15min phone call. If all goes to plan it will be published and available for SETA's to read.

Once I am complete, I will make the final report available to all those who participated in the survey. It has data from a good variety of companies on what support businesses need, and important facts on firms that are succeeding with SETA funding and skills development.

Please let me know if you would be open to this quick, but value-adding phone call.

Warm regards,
Andrew Woods
Masters Student at Wits University
Phone: 083 335 1303
email: [email protected]


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