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    Call for Proposals: Analysis, Mapping and Feasibility Studies: National Digital Ecosystem for Post-School Education and Training

    JET Education Services (JET), in conjunction with the merSETA, has initiated a project that seeks to address the development of an integrated National Digital Ecosystem which is interoperable and can be used for effective skills planning and provisioning. These terms of reference call for a service provider to carry out the analyses and mapping exercises required in the setting up phase of the project (January to May 2019).

    The purpose of the overall project is to establish an integrated digital ecosystem that will strengthen, integrate, coordinate and improve efficiencies in the governance and management of the PSET Ecosystem. The main objective of the project is to ensure that data sets are interoperable, well synchronized and used effectively as sources of information for planning and improving efficiency in the post school education and training system.

    For details see TERMS OF REFERENCE:

    Important dates
    Deadline for submission of proposals: 10 December 2018
    Final completion date: 31 March 2019
    Please do not respond to skills-universe.

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