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    karen deller

    Hi everyone, one of our clients is running a business admin level 4 learnership in CT and Durban with small numbers (all employed and all in-house – 18.1 learners).  If any company in these areas is also planning to run the learnership for their staff but also have low numbers maybe we can combine and save costs?  they are planning to roll out mid Feb if, so let me know if you are in a similar position.  

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One thought on “Business admin Learnership – CT and Durban

  • Dr Jacqueline Baumgardt (Jax)

    Hi Zelda


    I will definitely contact you with regard to the questions on the survey – it’s a little way away though – probably only next year. Some of the questions you are asking are exactly what I am asking – where is the evidence that all these QA systems, processes, procedures, etc result in better student outcomes? And when it comes to public providers, the question actually makes me laugh! We need to get back to basics; let qualified people (like you and me) get on with the job of teaching and training without having to jump hoops to prove ourselves over and over again and be “evaluated” by clerks behind desks as to our suitability or qualification to do the job. The whole OBE system (as we apply it here in SA) is fraught with problems (did my M degree on this). Over assessment, over-moderation as you say then verification on top of that makes the system very unmanageable and eventually it will be like a pack of cards that tumbles in on itself.

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