By sylviahammond, 25 October, 2018

To all members of skills-universe,
The good news it is pay day today for many people, but the bad news is that your profile photo from skills-universe is not going to be part of any international advertising campaign - sorry about that.

Why do I say that? Because a number of skills-universe members have received spam messages telling them that they will be part of an advertising campaign for some famous brand names.

The spam messages were sent by someone who was a member - who has now been deleted as a member.

Now how to protect yourself. Click on your name on the right hand side. A drop down menu comes up to edit your profile.

A screen opens with all the information you entered when you joined.
Scroll down a little way to the email address. Below you will see a sentence saying this can be seen by and a little box saying Change.

Click there and the drop down options are:
only me
all members
my friends
then once you have ticked the correct option for you, click to close.

Choose the option that you are comfortable with - that may be only me. Then nobody will see your email address.

Scroll to the bottom to click Save the changes.

Once you have assured your confidentiality and remembered to save - have a really good day and weekend.


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