Blade cuts out corruption – Minister Nzimande adament against corruption

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    In his media briefing today (26 August 2020) Minister Nzimande was adamant that he will not allow corruption to take place in his department – and updated on the status of skills development.

    As soon as the full media report is available on the site, I will re-post the link. There were detailed stats on the university and TVET student returns to on-campus studies.

    He explained why the NSFAS funding had been withdrawn from over 5000 students who had allegedly misrepresented their household economic income. Where is was found to be above the R350 000 per annum – as a result of cross-referencing with the South African Revenue Services (SARS) database.

    This is an important point to highlight – as the State ICT services increase, the ability to cross-reference databases across departments in this manner is something to watch out for.

    Minister Nzimande was very clear – his department is working hard to ensure that there is no corruption in the tendering and distribution of laptops to students. He says that students misrepresenting the family income is a form of corruption.

    He says if we are fighting corruption in the government departments and private sector, then we cannot have students declaring solidarity to support students who have misrepresented.

    He also spoke of the vision that students will be able to pay for their equipment in the future so that it becomes their property.

    On skills development, the Minister mentioned that the payment holiday of SDL for 4 months had cost the SETA income R8.1 billion this year. This will affect learing programmes, and the Minister is engaging with NEDLAC to mitigate against the decline in income received.

    We will post updates – as received. Everyone is welcome to assist with forwarding documents that come to their attention.

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