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    Hi there

    Two of my clients recently purchased course material from people called Mandy Durandt and Christian. I have requested them to please make contact with my clients as they were unhappy with the course material, and it has now been four months and still nothing. They are not replying to e-mails, nor making an effort to contact my clients.

    My one client paid in full for their course material, and only received his learning material, not even his formative, summative assessments etc.

    I also found that A LOT of copying and pasting from the internet is used during their “development” and not even South African Law, but Canada’s law without referencing.

    Please advise if anyone has had the same problem.


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    DK Teyim

      i had previously said we should start naming and shaming these caliber of developers. Thank you for naming them here. don’t you have their contact details and/or company address?

      Sorry about your experience, but thank you for making everybody aware

      DK Teyim


      They are both on Skills-Universe, and advertise their course material on here. In the beginning they gave such great material and service, and this made me reference them to others. But over the last few months, I am shocked. I found that most of the things were from Canada’s law with regards to Health and safety Act, and things were copied and pasted from the Internet, without any reference.

      I have asked numerous times for them to please contact my clients, and the only response I have received is false promises. My clients are still waiting after four months for a response.



      That is very shocking. What can my company do do help you?  Please feel free to send me an email to  We are professional authors and our fourth book on business management will be available soon.

      adeline findlay

          Hi Marilize

        I experienced the same situation whereby i was promised the learning material and the material never  materialised but i paid money already and is struggling to get the money out of Mandy Du Randt.

        Please advise if there is anything to be done.I am really desperate to have this sorted out.



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