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    I am interested in hearing from consultants and companies on the benefits of learnerships and or skills progams.  I seem to get conflicting opinions from other companies who have gone down the learnership route.  Many line managers I have spoken to feel the input doesn’t justify the output and yet there are good tax and discretionary grant incentives for following this route.  I would be interested to hear from others who have experience in this area.

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    Clinton Branders

    Hi Susan,

    I would recommend the learnership route, besides the tax rebates etc, it assists you with being able to still continue with work whilst a provider does the training/RPL, staff become motivated as they see that there is a concern about their development and the learnership is so rewarding when they receive their certification at the end.
    After our first learnership we had so many staff enquiring about the next learnership.
    One tip is that to have your own criteria for selection, but I would recommend learnerships, it’s a great initiative!

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    Wilma de Villiers

    I’ll also recommend learnerships, but it depends on with which SETA you work. The ETDP SETA is a good partner, but you find other SETAS that delay the payments. That causes costs for the company, that must be carried for a while.

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